Mar 10, 2009

How to maintain a Good Marriage Relationship

Below are a few tips for maintaining a marriage relationship :


To maintain a good marriage relationship requires a lot of SHARING. A load shared is a load halved. Vice-versa, happiness shared is happiness doubled! For example, if you can get your other half to do household chores together, both of you would be surprised that it could become time well-spent together, gaining a better knowledge of the habits, as well as the likes and dislikes of your spouse.

If your spouse received a piece of good news and shared it with you, it would be most appropriate for you to express your happiness for him/her with a simple hug or a kiss! With a little effort to celebrate in the form of a meal or a small gift, your relationship would be greatly improved.

2.Quality Communication

Quality communication comes about with patience, a listening ear and a sympathetic heart. I do understand that sometimes it is not easy to be patient with one another, especially after a hard day at work! Especially if there are also small kids around the house! However, remember the time when both of you were just getting to know each other? The efforts made then to try to present a good image in front of each other, and the willingness to listen so as to know each other better should also be practiced within a marriage. Try seeing things from his/her perspective, and you would realize that it is not hard to understand the behaviour of your spouse.

Of course, there would be days whereby you know that your patience has reached its limits. Then the best thing to do would be to take a breather from each other. Give each other some private space, then try approaching your loved one when you have cooled down. There is no point in continuing any discussion if both of you are heated up. Throwing ugly words at each other will only deepen your misunderstandings, and not solve any problems. Angry words hurt and leave its mark. Moreover, it will be impossible to take back what is said even if you want to later! So, do not do what you will regret later.


Everyone likes to be respected. Respect your spouse and you will be treated the same by your spouse. If you are married, there must be a couple of things about him/her that have made you agreed to the marriage in the first place. Do not be negative about things he/she likes just because it is not to your preference. Constant arguing will only worsen a marriage relationship. Try to find a mutual ground for compromise. Sometimes it helps to take a step back and look at things from a different angle.

Bear in mind to grasp every available opportunity to show that you care! Be it a cup of coffee in the morning, a call of concern during the workday, or a hug after work would work miracles for a marriage. Marriage is not the end, but the beginning of a long path of finding out more about your spouse, and learning to compromise and live with your differences in life. It is also about going through the ups and downs of life, as well as maturing together with your loved ones. Learn to appreciate the plain presence of your other half, and marriage life might not be as bad as you deem it to be!

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