Mar 30, 2009

Perbezaan Solat Antara Lelaki dan Perempuan

Perbezaan Solat Antara Lelaki dan Perempuan

Perbezaannya terdapat 5 perkara:
  • Lelaki merenggangkan kedua tangannyadari lambung ketiaknya ketika takbir tetapi orang perempuan hendaklah ia merapatkannya.
  • Ketika sujud kaum perempuan hendaklah pahanya dirapatkan kepada perutnya tetapi kaum lelaki boleh direnggangkan.
  • Orang lelaki boleh menyaringkan bacaannya. Kaum perempuan adalah sebaliknya.
  • Apabila berlaku sesuatu peristiwa didalam solat seperti imam terlupa, maka kaum lelaki boleh mengatakan "subhanallah" dan kaum perempuan hanya menepuk tangan kiri sahaja.
  • Aurat lelaki diantara pusat dan lutut sedangkan aurat perempuan adalah keseluruhan badan kecuali muka dan pergelangan tangannya.

Mar 29, 2009


Earth Hour. Where have you been?

Pukul 7. KL masih berkabus

Semangat tul couple nieh

Sebelum 8.30 malam

Don't forget to take 'jajan'

Malaysian whose supportive. I'm sure all of us have been switch off our light more than 1 hour. Haha.

Tengok tu 'excited' nak tgk KL bergelap

Last saturday on 28th March 2009. We are on Ampang Saujana to see the whole Kuala Lumpur switch off electricity for 1 hour. A lot of crowd there in different races also photographers with their tripod taking picture from that hill. Unfortunately, on 8.30 pm only KL tower and Twin tower have been seen switch off their light. Are malaysian not supportive with 'earth hour' program just to show our concern in global warming issues?

Mar 26, 2009

Jenny Galloway-CHIQUITITA

Chiquitita, tell me what's wrong

I have never seen such sorrow

In your eyes
and the wedding is tomorrow

How I hate to see you like this

There is no way you can deny it

I can see
That you're oh so sad, so quiet

Chiquitita, tell me the truth
I'm a shoulder you can cry on
Your best friend
I'm the one you must rely on
You were always sure of yourself
Now I see
You've broken a feather
I hope
We can patch it up together

You and I know
How the heartaches come and they go
And the scars they're leavin'
You'll be dancin' once again
And the pain will end
You will have no time for grievin'

You and I cry
But the sun is still in the sky
And shining above you
Let me hear you sing once more
Like you did before
Sing a new song

Try once more like you did before
Sing a new song

Mar 25, 2009

solat sunat tahiyat masjid

solat sunat tahiyat masjid

Solat sunat tahiyatul masjid atau untuk menghormati masjid ini adalah dilakukan semasa seseorang itu memasukimasjid sebagaimana sabda Rasullullah SAW yang maksudnya : Apabila kamu masuk masjid janganlah kamu duduk sebelum kamu menunaikan shalat dua rakaat.

Lafaz niat solat sunat tahiyat masjid :

Usalli sunnata tahiyatil masjidi rakataini lillahitaala

Ertinya : sahaja aku solah sunat tahiyat masjid dua rakaat kerana Allah Taala

Bacaannya : Bolehlah dibaca mana-mana surah yang disukai.

Mar 24, 2009

15 musuh-musuh Iblis

15 musuh-musuh Iblis

  1. Nabi Muhammad s.a.w
  2. Imam dan pemimpin yang adil
  3. Orang kaya yang merendah diri
  4. Peniaga yang jujur dan amanah
  5. Orang alim yang mengerjakan solat dengan kusyuk
  6. Orang mukmin yang memberi nasihat yang baik
  7. Orang mukmin yang berkasih sayang
  8. Orang yang istiqamah dan cepat bertaubat
  9. Orang yang menjauhkan diri dari segala yang haram
  10. Orang mukmin yang selalu bersedekah dan menderma
  11. Orang mukmin yang selalu dalam keadaan bersih dan suci
  12. Orang mukmin yang baik akhlaknya
  13. Orang mukmin yang bermanfaat kepada orang lain
  14. Orang yang menghafal al-Quran dan sentiasa membacanya
  15. Orang yang bediri mengerjakan solat di waktu malam, sedangkan orang lain tidur

Careers That Can Fight Recession

Careers That Can Fight Recession

The economic news certainly looks grim, but there are strong sectors in the economy that will continue to hire through the end of the decade. Some professions that require advanced or post-graduate degrees will rise, but perhaps the best news of all amidst the gloom is that many career openings will require candidates to hold only a two-year college degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has identified the fastest-growing occupations and career groups that are predicted to enjoy the largest numerical increases in personnel through 2016, and has ranked them by the amount of education necessary to enter the profession. Health care, education, and technology employers should continue to offer the most promising projections in total numbers in hiring, especially since the key roles cannot be outsourced and Americans will need their services and expertise despite the ups and downs in the economy.

Let's examine the top-growing fields by sector and educational requirements.

Health care Keeps Going Strong
The health care sector should remain one of the sturdiest fields through the decade, with needs for:

Personal and Home Health care Aids: Associate's degree. The second-fastest growing professional field in all careers will be for home health aids, members of a service occupation predicted to grow by an astounding 50 percent through 2007. Online associate's degree programs can provide training for the field.

Dental Hygienists: Associate's degree. Some Americans without insurance seek dental work abroad. Most, however, do not have their tooth and gum care outsourced. Jobs for hygienists are predicted to grow by 30 percent through 2016.

Registered Nurses: Associate's or bachelor's degree. The largest health care occupation that will add 587,000 new jobs between 2006-2016. Get career training through an online associate or RN to BSN degree program.

Physical Therapists: Master's degree. Aging population will drive job growth as the field increases its number of professionals by 27 percent. Positions will be especially good in acute hospital, orthopedic, and rehabilitation centers.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counselors: Bachelor's or master's degree. Some government and public agencies will hire counselors with bachelor's degrees, however most employers will recruit graduates holding master's degrees. The BLS predicts a 34 percent increase in jobs for substance abuse counselors and a 30 percent overall rise in positions for mental health counselors.

Education Hiring Appears Steady
Teachers in public and private elementary schools will still be in demand, as will post-secondary teachers, instructors, and professors. Hiring needs should be sparked by retirements, despite the economy.

Elementary school teachers: Bachelor's degree, certification/credential. Openings for elementary school teachers will be best in states undergoing high enrollments (Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Georgia) and in rural districts. Some states are allowing fast-track online credentialing programs to meet demands.

Post-secondary teachers: Master's degree or doctorate. The BLS predicts a 23 percent increase in hiring. Community colleges and some universities may hire candidates with master's or master's in fine arts degrees. Four-year colleges offering tenure-track positions prefer doctoral degrees.

Technology Sectors Retain Priorities

As the crunch deepens, businesses will be looking for consultants in IT management and support to help streamline services, hold the bottom line, and bolster operating efficiency. It's positive to consider that some 90 percent of all current IT employees are employed by non-technology businesses and organizations. Globalization increases the need for engineers and researchers with career expertise--as well as an ongoing need for entry-level support staff.

Computer Support Specialists. Associate's or bachelor's degree. Expect increases to reach 18 percent over the decade despite outsourcing. Graduates with career training in technical support, customer service, and certifications will move to the front of the hiring line.
Computer Software Engineers, Applications: Bachelor's degree. This is where the jobs are, according to the BLS. The BLS is predicting a 38 percent increase in overall hiring through 2016, generating 324,000 new openings. You'll need a bachelor's degree in computer science or programming to compete, and a post-graduate degree and additional certifications to rise in the field.

Computer and Information Scientists, Research: Doctorate. There's room (and security) at the top. Jobs for computer scientists and database administrators are predicted to grow by 37 percent during the 2006-2016 decade. Many advanced IT managers and project leaders choose to escape private companies for the relative security of college and university research labs that offer tenure.

Mar 21, 2009

Lets try-Sate Kajang

Sate Kajang. Sebut sate mesti sinonim ngan sate kajang. Kenapa sate ni amat istimewa? Kenapa Kajang? Sebab sate gini ada kat Kajang jer. Cari jer signboard Kajang nah terdampang didepan mata. Try this yourself and u'll taste the different and don't forget bring your family there!

-Welcome to Restoren Sate kajang Hj. Samuri. Chewah Promote

-Aumm. Tembam2

-Sila lah menjamu selera. First time tgk kuah kacang warna 'brown' Nak merah taruk sendiri cili.

-Amboi licin tak berbaki.

-Antara pameran kat restoren nieh.

-Erm beca ker?

-Vespa sapa la ni?

You should try this. Sodap!


Y. Brs. Prof./Prof. Madya/Dr./Tuan/Puan,

Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa semua pelajar tempatan yang tiada pembiayaan boleh memohon pembiayaan di bawah pakej ransangan Ekonomi Ke-2.

Pembiayaan hanyalah untuk yuran sahaja dan pelajar penuh masa. Untuk maklumat lanjut, bolehlah layari .

Sehubungan ini, bantuan dan kerjasama Y. Brs. Prof./Prof, MAdya/Dr./Tuan/Puan untuk memanjangkan hebahan ini di PTJ saya dahului dengan ucapan ribuan terima kasih. Maklumat ini juga boleh didapati di laman web

Yang benar,

Hani Soraya binti Ahmad
Penolong Pendaftar
Institut Pengajian Siswazah
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Tel : 04-653 2935
Faks :04-653 2940

Permohonan adalah dipelawa kepada graduan-graduan yang belum mendapat pekerjaan tetap atau pekerja-pekerja yang diberhentikan kerja untuk menyambung pengajian di peringkat ijazah lanjutan di IPTA, Universiti Multimedia (MMU), Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) dan Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP).

Menyediakan peluang pembiayaan bagi graduan-graduan yang belum mendapat pekerjaan tetap atau pekerja-pekerja yang diberhentikan kerja untuk menyambung pengajian di peringkat ijazah lanjutan.


* Penajaan ini hanya terbuka kepada calon-calon yang sedang mengikuti pengajian dalam tahun 2009 serta yang akan memulakan pengajian bagi sesi akademik 2009/2010.
* Calon-calon yang ditaja hanya akan dibiayai dari segi yuran sepanjang tempoh pengajiannya.
* Tempoh tajaan maksimum bagi pengajian peringkat sarjana ialah empat semester (dua tahun) iaitu tidak melebihi RM10,000.00.
* Tempoh tajaan maksimum bagi pengajian peringkat Ph.D ialah lapan semester (empat tahun) iaitu tidak melebihi RM20,000.00.
* Bagi calon Ph.D, RM1,500.00 disediakan sebagai bantuan khas penyelidikan dan penyediaan tesis dengan syarat cadangan penyelidikan diluluskan oleh pusat pengajian siswazah / fakulti dan bantuan ini adalah termasuk serta tertakluk kepada had maksimum peruntukan bagi seorang calon Ph.D iaitu tidak melebihi RM20,000.00.

Syarat-Syarat Umum

1. Terbuka kepada warganegara Malaysia yang sedang atau memulakan pengajian dalam tahun 2009 dan 2010 sahaja.
2. Berumur tidak melebihi 35 tahun bagi calon peringkat sarjana dan 43 tahun bagi calon peringkat Ph.D para tarikh memulakan pengajian.
3. Pengajian adalah secara sepenuh masa.
4. Pembiayaan diberikan setelah menerima surat tawaran dan mendaftar sebagai pelajar ijazah lanjutan di mana-mana IPTA dan IPTS terbabit.
5. Tidak menerima sebarang bentuk penajaan dari lain-lain penaja (kecuali pinjaman pelajaran atau elaun pembantu penyelidik siswazah).
6. Tiada ikatan perjanjian dengan pihak lain.
7. Tiada ikatan kontrak yang akan dikenakan dan pembiayaan ini tidak bermaksud untuk berkhidmat dengan pihak Kerajaan selepas tamat pengajian.

Syarat-Syarat Khusus

1. Mempunyai kelayakan Ijazah Sarjana Muda sekurang-kurangnya CGPA 2.75 atau setaraf dengannya bagi pengajian peringkat sarjana dan berkelayakan sarjana yang baik bagi pengajian peringkat Ph.D.
2. Bagi calon-calon yang mempunyai kelayakan Ijazah Sarjana Muda dengan CGPA di bawah 2.75 atau setaraf, pengalaman kerja dalam bidang yang berkaitan akan dipertimbangkan.


1. Calon-calon yang tidak memenuhi syarat-syarat kelayakan umum dan khusus yang ditetapkan.
2. Mempunyai pekerjaan tetap atau berpendapatan tetap.


Ph.D - maksimum lapan (8) semester
Sarjana – maksimum empat (4) semester
Yuran akan dibayar terus kepada pihak universiti.

Permohonan boleh dibuat secara online melalui laman web KPT mulai 19 Mac 2009. Bagi permohonan lebih awal, calon-calon boleh memuat turun borang permohonan mulai 12 Mac 2009.
Untuk sebarang pertanyaan, sila hubungi:
Bahagian Biasiswa,
Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi,
Aras 4, Blok 1, Menara PjH
Presint 2, 62100 Putrajaya.
(u.p: Tajaan Khas Bajet Mini 2009)
Tel. : 03-8884 4607 / 4612 / 4669 / 4634 / 4618
Faks : 03-8884 4701
NOTA : Pembiayaan ini tidak termasuk kos elaun sara hidup. Jika perlu, PTPTN ada menyediakan kemudahan pinjaman ini, tertakluk kepada syarat-syarat yang ditetapkan oleh agensi berkenaan.

Leona Lewis-Bleeding Love

Closed off from love, I didn’t need the pain

Once or twice was enough, and it was all in vain
Time starts to pass
Before you know it you’re frozen, oh

But somethin’ happened for the very first time with you
My heart melted to the ground, found somethin’ true
And everyone’s looking ‘round
Thinkin’ I’m going crazy, oh

But I don’t care what they say, I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away, but they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closin’
You cut me open and I -

Keep bleedin’, keep, keep bleedin’ love
I keep bleedin’, I keep, keep bleedin’ love
Keep bleedin’, keep, keep bleedin’ love
You cut me open

Trying hard not to hear, but they talk so loud
Their piercing sounds fill my ears, try to fill me with doubt
Yet I know that the goal
Is to keep me from fallin’, yeahyeah, oh

But nothin’s greater than the rush that comes with your embrace
And in this world of loneliness, I see your face
Yet everyone around me
Thinks that I’m goin’ crazy, baby, baby

But I don’t care what they say, I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away, but they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closin’
You cut me open and I -

Keep bleedin’, keep, keep bleedin’ love
I keep bleedin’, I keep, keep bleedin’ love
Keep bleedin’, keep, keep bleedin’ love
You cut me open

And it’s drainin’ all of me
Oh, they find it hard to believe
I’ll be wearing these scars
For everyone to see

But I don’t care what they say, I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away, but they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closin’
Oh, you cut me open and I -

Keep bleedin’, keep, keep bleedin’ love
I keep bleedin’, I keep, keep bleedin’ love
Keep bleedin’, keep, keep bleedin’ love (love)
Oh, you cut me open and I -

Keep bleedin’, keep, keep bleedin’ love
I keep bleedin’, I keep, (oh, keep bleedin’ love) keep bleedin’ love
Keep bleedin’, (I keep) keep, keep bleedin’ love
Oh, you cut me open and I -

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love

Mar 18, 2009

Ten Careers That Make Employers Look For You

Ten Careers That Make Employers Look For You

If you think looking for a job and finding a career are the same thing, think again. With the U.S. unemployment rate under 5%, almost anybody can find a job. The bad news is that many of these jobs are low-paying, come without benefits, or offer little in the way of security. Finding a career where you have the upper hand takes a little more long-term planning than simply finding a job, but it will be well worth it in the long run.
These ten careers--in four major job sectors--are likely to be rewarding because employees in these fields are expected to find themselves in an employee's market.


For better or worse, you can't fight demographics, and those demographics show that the average American is getting older. Healthcare needs increase with age, so as the baby-boom generation enters retirement, healthcare workers are going to be in more demand than ever.
Career possibility #1:Personal/Home Health Aide. As people age, healthcare becomes more of a day-to-day issue, which is why personal/home health aides are in such demand. Health aid training will give you enough background to get started in this field.
Career possibility #2: Medical Assistants. Demand for this occupation is growing, but so is the demand for formal training. You'd want to take some medical assisting courses in school--or even consider a medical assisting degree.
Career possibility #3: Mental Health Counselors/Social Workers. The psychological aspect of healthcare cannot be overlooked. Consistent with the theme of an aging America, Alzheimer's disease is creating more and more mental health challenges, but there are also conditions such as autism which are becoming more common in the general population. Psychology programs are offered in many schools, and online psychology degrees are also available.

Information Technology

The big concern with information technology (IT) has been that some programming and customer support functions have been outsourced overseas. However, certain IT functions are more hands-on, and these are the areas where trained workers remain in demand.

Career possibility #4: Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts. Mastery of the computer system makes you indispensable to an organization. This takes a high level of training, so a degree in information technology is a must. Experience plus training is even better, so if you are already working, consider earning an IT degree online.

Career possibility #5: Computer Software Applications Engineers. Routine programming can be outsourced, but there will never be any substitute for the ability to create new, value-added applications. A computer programming degree is a good start, or go online to check out other types of computer science degrees.


Teaching is another career that is hands-on enough to be immune to outsourcing.
Career possibility #6: Teacher. Dedicated teachers are in demand in virtually every part of the country, and with the general population growing, this demand is not going to wane any time soon. You will need a degree in education, and an online teaching degree is one way of meeting this requirement. You'll need teacher's certification as well, so check your state department of education website.

Professional Services

The nature of these services is highly-individualized, which is one of the reasons trained professionals are in demand.
Career possibility #7: Paralegal/Legal Assistant. These occupations are in demand because they can leverage the time of high-priced lawyers. There are paralegal schools across the country and online where you can pursue a paralegal degree or legal assisting training.
Career possibility #8: Financial Services. The heart of the baby boom is entering its peak savings years. Careers in finance can be highly compensated, so an MBA in finance may be well worth the investment. An online finance degree can be a way to give your current career a new boost.
Career possibility #9: Accountants and Auditors. These have some of the same characteristics as financial services careers. Training can be found at a variety of accounting schools, or consider an online accounting degree. Specialize in taxes or estate planning or fraud to attract even bigger opportunities.
Career possibility #10: Employment Services. With all the job demand described above, it should be no surprise that this is expected to be the fastest growing segment of the professional and business services sector. Plus, what better way to keep track of evolving employment trends than working as a recruiter or placement specialist? Consider earning a human resource management degree either online or at a traditional school.
As always, check out the relevant accreditation standards for any career training and educational program you choose. As for making that choice, the bottom line is, if you want a job where you'll be in demand, just look at society's trends and follow those trends toward your new career.

Mar 16, 2009

10 Laluan Yang Bakal Dilalui Oleh Setiap Manusia Dari Dunia Sampai Akhirat

Laluan menuju ke kubur

Jauhkan dari perbuatan mengumpat dan mengeji
Hindarkan perasaan irihati ( benci )
Jangan terpengaruh dengan emas/perak
Sucikan kadha` hajat dengan istibra`

Laluan untuk berjumpa Izrail

Gembirakan hati orang mukmin
Bersihkan diri dengan bertaubat
Bayar semula kadha` yang tertinggal
kasih sepenuh hati kepada Allah SWT

Laluan untuk bertemu Mungkar dan Nangkir

Mengucap dua kalimah syahadat
Suka memberi sedekah
Berkata benar
Bersihkan dan perbaiki diri

Laluan untuk memberatkan timbangan kebaikan

Belajar atau mengajar ilmu yang bermanfaat
Sucikan perkataan dan pakaian
Bersyukur dengan yang sedikit
Suka dan redha dengan segala dugaan Allah

Laluan memantapkan amalan

Jauhkan perkataan yang sia-sia
Pendekkan cita-cita dunia
Banyakkan puji - pujian kepada Allah SWT
Banyakkan sedekah dan khairat

Laluan melalui titian Sirat Al-Mustakim

Kasihilah aulia` Allah SWT
Berbaktilah kepada kedua ibubapa
Berpegang teguh dengan hukum syara`
Bercakap perkataan yang baik sesama makhluk

Laluan menjauhkan diri dari neraka

Banyakkan membaca Al-Quran
Banyakkan menangis kerana dosa - dosa yang lalu
Tinggalkan perkara / perbuatan maksiat
Jauhkan segala yang haram

Laluan untuk memasuki syurga

Membuat kebajikan seberapa banyak yang boleh
Kasihi dan ikuti orang soleh
Kerjakan segala suruhan Allah
Merendahkan diri di antara semua makhluk Allah

Laluan berjumpa dengan Nabi Muhammad SAW

Kasihilah Nabi Allah
Tuntutilah yang difardhukan Allah
Kasihilah Rasulullah
Banyakkan salawat terhadap Rasulullah SAW

Laluan untuk bertemu Allah

Serahkan seluruh jiwa raga kepada Allah
Hindarkan diri dari menderhaka kepada Allah SWT
Perbetulkan dan perbaikkan i`tikad kepada Allah SWT
Bencikan segala yang diharamkanNya

-Sabda Baginda Rasulullah SAW-

“Sesiapa yang memelihara solatnya, maka solat itu sebagai cahaya petunjuk dan jalan selamat baginya dan barangsiapa yang tidak memelihara solatnya maka sesungguhnya solat itu tiada bercahaya dan tiada pula menjadi petunjuk dan jalan selamat baginya”

“Barangsiapa yang solatnya itu tiada dapat menahan dirinya daripada melakukan perkara keji dan mungkar, sesungguhnya solatnya itu hanya menambahkan lagi kemungkaran Allah SWT dan bertambah jauh dariNya”

“Kalau solatmu itu tidak dapat menahan kamu daripada melakukan perbuatan keji dan mungkar, sesungguhnya dianggapNya kamu tidak mengerjakan solat. Di hari Kiamat nanti solatmu itu dilemparkan ke muka kamu bagaikan bungkusan kain tebal buruk dan tiada berguna”

Mar 13, 2009


gambar peserta OIAM 3

Siapa peserta favorite anda..?

OIAM satu-satunya realiti show yang menawarkan hadiah lumayan.. Sape tak nak satu juta beb. Pengacara masih lagi dikekalkan seperti tahun2 sebelumnya iaitu Awaluddin n pasangan pengacaranya Marion. Juri tetap pun sama gak Syafinaz Selamat dan Paul Moss. Diorang digelar mak tiri n bapa tiri. Hikhik kesian.Pendapat aku secara jujurnya OIAM kali ni sangat memberangsangkan. Tak boring kalo tengok. Tak macam tahun lepas masa hujung2 jer best tapi tahun ni awal2 pun not bad...

12 peserta yang berentap di musim ketiga One In A Million (OIAM) ialah
Amylea (Akademi Fantasia 3), Tomok (vokalis New Boyz), Pija (Mentor 2007), Nine (vokalis Coco), Ridzuan (pemenang anugerah Artis Harapan di AIM 2006), Rehana (Suara Emas Bintang RTM 2007), Simon, Esther, Aweera, Anith, Ayu dan Fifi.

Peserta pertama yang terkeluar ialah Han..diikuti Ayu dan yang terbaru ialah Pija.. Peserta yang paling aku tunggu2 buat persembahan ialah Amylea yang sentiasa buat arrangement muzik yang segar.. Performance pun tak penah mengecewakan macam dulu di AF3 sentiasa konsisten. Selain tu Rizu. Dia pun best gak. Esther pun best tapi journal lagu dia aku tak minat.. Aweera hensem tapi tak cukup mengagumkan persembahan dia. Ewah dah cam judges tak berbayar dah.

Pemberian keistimeaan imuniti oleh judges pun satu pembaharuan yang akan mendorong peserta buat yang terbaik dan tak bergantung undian sms yang mengharapkan tuah jer. Orang suka, vote orang yang tak suka bolayan.. Konsep imuniti ni aku suke cam my star LG dulu. Akademi Fantasia pun patut gak buat camni gak rasanya. Tak rugi la kalo peserta tu buat yang terbaik minggu tu sure tak terkeluar punye.. Minggu lepas punye imuniti secara jujurnya aku tak bersetuju.. Aweera buat persembahan biasa sahaja tapi rasanya bukan yang terbaik kalangan semua peserta. Tapi aku bersetuju dengan pemberian imuniti kepada Esther n Amylea mingu sebelum ini.

Minggu ni sapa la pulak dapat imuniti yer? Ohoo Tomok...Hehe. Hubby gelak jer..

Mar 10, 2009

How to maintain a Good Marriage Relationship

Below are a few tips for maintaining a marriage relationship :


To maintain a good marriage relationship requires a lot of SHARING. A load shared is a load halved. Vice-versa, happiness shared is happiness doubled! For example, if you can get your other half to do household chores together, both of you would be surprised that it could become time well-spent together, gaining a better knowledge of the habits, as well as the likes and dislikes of your spouse.

If your spouse received a piece of good news and shared it with you, it would be most appropriate for you to express your happiness for him/her with a simple hug or a kiss! With a little effort to celebrate in the form of a meal or a small gift, your relationship would be greatly improved.

2.Quality Communication

Quality communication comes about with patience, a listening ear and a sympathetic heart. I do understand that sometimes it is not easy to be patient with one another, especially after a hard day at work! Especially if there are also small kids around the house! However, remember the time when both of you were just getting to know each other? The efforts made then to try to present a good image in front of each other, and the willingness to listen so as to know each other better should also be practiced within a marriage. Try seeing things from his/her perspective, and you would realize that it is not hard to understand the behaviour of your spouse.

Of course, there would be days whereby you know that your patience has reached its limits. Then the best thing to do would be to take a breather from each other. Give each other some private space, then try approaching your loved one when you have cooled down. There is no point in continuing any discussion if both of you are heated up. Throwing ugly words at each other will only deepen your misunderstandings, and not solve any problems. Angry words hurt and leave its mark. Moreover, it will be impossible to take back what is said even if you want to later! So, do not do what you will regret later.


Everyone likes to be respected. Respect your spouse and you will be treated the same by your spouse. If you are married, there must be a couple of things about him/her that have made you agreed to the marriage in the first place. Do not be negative about things he/she likes just because it is not to your preference. Constant arguing will only worsen a marriage relationship. Try to find a mutual ground for compromise. Sometimes it helps to take a step back and look at things from a different angle.

Bear in mind to grasp every available opportunity to show that you care! Be it a cup of coffee in the morning, a call of concern during the workday, or a hug after work would work miracles for a marriage. Marriage is not the end, but the beginning of a long path of finding out more about your spouse, and learning to compromise and live with your differences in life. It is also about going through the ups and downs of life, as well as maturing together with your loved ones. Learn to appreciate the plain presence of your other half, and marriage life might not be as bad as you deem it to be!

Mar 9, 2009

selamat menyambut maulidur rasul

Selawat buat nabi junjungan besarkita Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. Kali ni sambutan hari maulidur rasul peringkat kebangsaan diadakan di dataran merdeka. Tema sambutan kali ini ialah Wahdah pemangkin khaira Ummah. Pengunjung tak ramai sangat mungkin cuaca yang mendung membuatkan tak ramai yang hadir. Secara jujurnya ni 1st time aku n hubby meraikan sambutan maulidur rasul selain zaman sekolah dulu-dulu. Aku terfikir kenapa sebelum ni hari merdeka ker, tahun baru ker aku sambut tetapi maulidur rasul dan hari-hari perayaan agama islam jarang aku pergi atau menghadirkan diri ke majlis-majlis ilmu. Ampunkan hamba mu yang lalai ini YA-Allah. Selusuri sejarah perjuangan nabi kita sertai hayati betapa agungnya Nabi Muhammad saw. Semoga kita seluruh umat islam lebih menyanjung tinggi, menyintai nabi akhir zaman ini serta mengamalkan al-Quran serta sunnahnya dengan lebih baik dari sebelum ini..

yang ni seragam sikit

si cilik pun nak jugak. Bagus adik2...

ape kaler pun bleh

always together. Ni mana geng berarak n sepanduk ni?

hmm meh join.


picnic at Sg. Gabai Selangor

Jom mandi...

Hehe.. Penulis tiada dalam gambar yer

Air terjun Sg.Gabai Hulu Langat Selangor. Semalam 7hb kami suami isteri pergi berkelah kat Air terjun Sg. Gabai. Satu jam jer dari umah. Uish giler tinggi air terjun nie...

Memuler cari port dulu. Maklumler lapar giler memuler sampai tu.. Aritu bekalan aku bawak cume nasik goreng, ayam goreng berempah. 1st time gak cube resepi nie. Walaupun nampak tak menarik tapi sedapp gak.. Air oren dan beberapa peket kerepek. Ramai orang tempat pulak terhad jadi lebih kureng jer lah...

Lepas makan baca paper then berkemas coz pastu nak main air pulak..Naik tangga keatas punyer lah mengah..

Unfortunately, aku kehabisan bateri kamera..Haha

Mar 7, 2009

Lets watch geng-pengembaraan bermula

Muke penat jjcm

dah lama tak update blog.. Hehe. Minggu lepas 1 mac luangkan masa hujung minggu pergi Bukit Bintang.. Tgk wayang kat Pavillion. Memule ingat tak berbaloi tgk cite kartun 'org kita' kat situ Beli cd cukuplah... maybe nak tgk cite omputeh.. Tapi pikir2 balik support jerlah org malaysia. Best tak best belakang kire.

Walaupun dah lama cite ni kat panggung tapi sambutan tetap hangat. Tak dapat nak amik tiket petang coz tempat duduk penuh tinggal depan jer tak larat nak mendongak eh. Then amik tiket malam punyer...

Tak sangka best giler cite 1st 3d animasi Malaysia nie. Terhibur dibuatnya. Tak abis2 kami gelak. Truly Malaysians story... Hmm puasnyer.. Lastly dlm hujan renyai2 kami mengisi perut di Nasi Ayam Cheng Meng restaurant.

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