Mar 29, 2009


Earth Hour. Where have you been?

Pukul 7. KL masih berkabus

Semangat tul couple nieh

Sebelum 8.30 malam

Don't forget to take 'jajan'

Malaysian whose supportive. I'm sure all of us have been switch off our light more than 1 hour. Haha.

Tengok tu 'excited' nak tgk KL bergelap

Last saturday on 28th March 2009. We are on Ampang Saujana to see the whole Kuala Lumpur switch off electricity for 1 hour. A lot of crowd there in different races also photographers with their tripod taking picture from that hill. Unfortunately, on 8.30 pm only KL tower and Twin tower have been seen switch off their light. Are malaysian not supportive with 'earth hour' program just to show our concern in global warming issues?

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