Dec 4, 2008


Today 4thDecember2008 at 11.33p.m i start with something new. Being blogger. Haha. I realise that i like writing since i'm at primary school. In Bahasa Melayu subject i really like doing 'karangan'. I always got higher mark and praises from my teacher an also got present for best 'karangan' at certificate present ceremony. The present is only a book with title ' Seorang Tua di Kaki Gunung' by Azizi Hj. Abdullah. Quite good and got a lot of knowledge from that book. I start love to read such that book not only novels about love like before.
When i'm at secondary school i start writing short story but the bad part is the story never finish. I only excited at the beginning but at last its become never ending story. Don't know where my old writing i put because i never save it properly. Other than that i also like writing poem. As i told before i don't know where it goes to.. Maybe rubbish bin. I hope after this i can share my writing with u all. Of course in bahasa because I'm not very well in writing in English also can't speak English fluently. But being human we must learn and overcome our weakness rights. 'TRY' is my promise.
For new start i just introduce who I'm and what i obsess on. Please continue visit my blog.. Thank you for spending your time here. Do you have your own blog? We can share story and knowing each other. Don't forget to leave your comment here :)

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